The Beauty of the Venice Carnival

Every year, the Carnival of Venice takes place in beautiful Venice, Italy. The carnival usually begins in February and ends on Shrove Tuesday, the day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. The two-week-long festival is a time when social differences don't matter, the streets are filled with joy, and Italian heritage is celebrated fiercely with creativity and freedom.

Being in the water city amid Carnevale is a lifelong dream for some. At the heart of the Venetian Lagoon, Venice sets the stage for millions of visitors each year. The Carnival of Venice is world-famous for its elaborate masks, many inspired by Commedia dell'Arte characters.

The Inspiration Behind the Aina Kari Play Collection

This collection pays homage to the artisans and the Commedia dell'Arte characters who inspired the elaborate masks festival-goers still wear. Columbina and Arlecchino are the characters of the Aina Kari Play Collection.

Colombina is usually portrayed as a mischievous maid and friend (or lover) or Harlequin. Her costume is simple, and her mask is purely an eye mask, similar to what you would wear to a masquerade ball.

The Arlecchino (Harlequin) mask is one of the most popular masks in the Commedia dell'Arte series. The simple-minded character is one of the youngest, most notably known for providing comedic relief.

Invest in Timeless Decorative Objects

Our artisan-made Play Collection features a unique glass design with a box equally as decorative as the candle itself. Italian comic book artist Paolo Gallina created the illustrations for this collection.

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