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Mouth blown Murano Glass in a twisted double candlestick holder for one of a kind of Italian design piece, functional and modular.

The silent montumentality of marbles brightly embraces the fragility and elegance of Murano glass artefacts.

Hand craved stone, Palissandro marble is a stone of extraordinary beauty. Its highly pure material is dotted by minuscule bright crystals. Mesozoic Era.

The HUG of Italian artisans

Venetian Knots

Aina Kari' tribute to Venice.

The Knots and ropes are part of Venetian everyday life. This original and contemporary collection of candlestick holders is a physical demonstration of how much complex Murano glass blowing and modelling production breath here.

Eclectic and unique design to beautify the scenography of living ambiance, highlighting the historical feature of Venetian lagoon's.

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