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A game of braids, between fragility and strength, transparency and robustnesses, Murano glass and Palissandro marble double candlestick holder communicates passion, originality and unique Italian crafstmanship.

The beauty of Palissandro marble with its dramatic raw signature and smooth circularity, transforms into a statement any space. Vibrant Murano glass colours are blown to unlock the secrets of Venice and its glorious heritage.

The Hug of Italian artisans

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Venetian Knots

Eclectic design and artisanal expertise beautify the scenography of living ambiance.

Aina Kari leaps into the heart of the aesthetics, where awe and expertise intertwine.

Eye candy for sure.

Aina Kari' tribute to Venice.

Drawing inspiration from Venetian daily life, the Murano glass knot has a dramatic twisted shape reminding the traditional ropes of the boats. The transparency of the glass is enriched by the rigadin pattern-a source of discrete and mesmerising glares. This original and contemporary collection of candlestick holders is a physical demonstration of how much complex Murano glass blowing and modelling production breath here.

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What a magnificent candlestick holder!

Spread the lights and shadows of 45 cm height' décor candle holder.

Collect and curate pieces what inspire, comfort and delight your eye's & soul.


Using various techniques such as adding minerals and oxides to molten glass to achieve a wide spectrum of hues, the use of color in Murano glass allows artists to create intricate patterns, delicate shapes, and unexpected designs, making each piece unique.

Produced in the furnace with temperatures reaching 1400 °,unlike other colors glasses, the ruby glass color is given by the addition of 24 kt gold in the molten glass. In the end processing is left to temper slowly in special ovens for 48/72 hours. The glass creation travels from the furnace to the Moleria workshop to be modelled by hand with the aid of machinery through the use of grinding powders. No two pieces are exactly the same because of their handmade nature. Small imperfections are not to be considered defects but merits that enhance the work done by hand. Glass does not contain lead and is pure glass.