Objects tell stories of people's lives, leaving lasting imprints even after they're gone, like shadows on walls.

the meaning behind the name

Aina Kari is a typically Persian mode of architectural decoration, the practice of covering surfaces with mosaic of mirror glass.
Venetian glassmakers were producing small mirrors in the 15th century by cutting open blown glass cylinders; the fragile decorations were brought by Armenian silk-traders who traveled by caravans, but parts were broken during the caravan-transit to Persia. But even broken, their light-refracting and vision-diffusing qualities not to spoke of their great intrinsic values- must have dictated their reuse as art decoration.

AK is a hymn to the Italian crafting that continuous enhances art and beauty hundred years after.


After working for different world-renowned brands in Italy and abroad, Marina Cighir embarked on a new project for the greater good, back in her beloved Treviso, next to Venice. An honest relationship with local artisans, Marina masterfully combines her diverse heritage to create a distinct and empowering style characterized by coherence, strength, and originality.

Her sculptural vases, decor lightings, and chandeliers are notable for their unexpected visual paradoxes, seamlessly blending Venetian artisanal expertise with contemporary poetry. This unique fusion results in pieces that are both timeless and modern, reflecting a deep appreciation for the past while embracing the creativity of the present.


The development of new artifacts is not based on “just propose a newness for the sake of newness”, but only if linked to a project, a useful sharable collaboration with people and community. Each material requires distinct know-how, the final object is always a crossroads of workshops. Aina Kari means glowing in the beauty of ancient Venetian glass art and unrepeatable marble signs and textures. All our haute-décor pieces are unique, a testament to our commitment to enduring creativity.

The slow process of constructing every piece encompasses all inner energy that flows freely through the artisan's hands to the objects and breathes life into Aina Kari's unique creations: bold colors and unexpected forms to cherish forever.

It's all about creation with purpose.


The fragrances that go into our candles have been exclusively created for AK by Flair Fragrance Studio in Paris, by choosing the finest natural ingredients combined with rare and unexpected essential oils, united with careful craftsmanship and the beauty of nature. As experts of their craft, each of our creative perfumers understands the harmony and structure of their chosen notes, notes that shift and flow subtly as the candle burns and fills the room.

We worked “ nose-to-nose” to create and match the perfect combination for our journey between symbolic and the most beautiful Italian places, objects, and art. Diving deep inside of the spirit of each one to make you feel the spirit of the collection.

100% sustainable certified natural wax blends, our design scented candles are all hand-poured in Italy. Aina Kari' fragrances are produced in the homeland of the perfume, Grasse, in the south of France and IFRA certified.