Sculptural Lightings


Venice Ballooning is a journey of light and craftsmanship, uniting
different Italian craftsmen, crossing the polychromatic quarry mountain in Crevoladossola, Piedmont Italy, the only Palissandro® quarry in the world.

The Venetian Murano glass balloon reaches Venice lagoon where it meets the masters on the island of Murano, to slowly lean on Homo Faber at Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice and tell the world about journey of Italian beauty.

Once lit, the Venetian balloon becomes a splendid full moon, crossed by delicate clouds and telling the world its journey of light and life.

Lady with white pearl necklace

Like a sophisticated woman adorned with a pearl necklace, the Murano drops cascade sensually down the neck of the luminous Murano glass sculpture. The black marble base, with its surface irregularities and slight elevation, evokes the provocative movement of a skirt, perfectly complementing the elegance of the pearls. This exquisite piece is not merely a lamp; it transforms into a narrative of light and art every evening when illuminated, inviting admiration and contemplation.

Green "Stravedamento"

However slight it may be, there is a difference between a table lamp and a desk lamp. The latter is shaped around the concept that form follows function, whereas the former is designed to add a more aesthetic touch to the overall décor. Functionality is important, as lighting is an essential aspect of any well-designed interior. However, when choosing table lamps, the key question is: does this design beautify the space? This is the thought that lies at the origin of every creation by AINA KARI.

Full moon over High water in venice

A full moon rises above a bank of clouds, while the poetic lamps in Murano glass have yet to light up.

Illuminating the night and beautifying the space during the day, the Murano glass sculptural light tells the story of seasonal flooding, a natural phenomenon that has always been a feature of Venetian life. A full moon, a high tide, and a storm blend into the décor with meaning and style.

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