Hand-crafted in Italy and carefully curated with story and meaning, our avant-garde collections are consciously designed to build a fire inside your home and heart.

"When the fragrance is a memory, the vase rests a treasure".

Intuitive combination of materials creates a truly impressive image of luxury design. Each scented decor is hand-made exclusively with natural materials, each one is slightly unique. 

From sourcing the finest raw materials to working with local artisans, international designers and artists, free-spirited nose of fragrance creativity, Aina Kari' standards are Considered.



A continuously evolving collections placed into elegant explorations of colors and forms, designed to inspire and last in a useful collectable way. Curved blown glass and provocative marble stones lose their natural hardness to become decorative scented objects.

An artisan intuition met the creative minds for surprising aesthetics and mesmerising scents.



Designed to be bold. The originality of the story behind each collection and playful packaging makes AK candles truly exquisite unforgettable pieces.

The aim of our collections is to pay tribute to the elegance and mastership of Italian artisanal crafting, where colors and shapes, old techniques and new designs meet to enhance Italian arts and its rich history.


"Lo Stravedamento di Aina Kari, un vaso che lascia a bocca aperta grazie alle trasparenze del vetro di Murano che incontrano il marmo bianco".

It's Show Time

Create a sanctuary with this selection of calming and stylish wares

“A Good company-It’s about sharing Italian history, and teaching it with Murano glass, using it to storytell to the younger generation.”

“The Home Front: A passion for supporting craftspeople around the world”

Durable ornaments, the finest glasses. This is the wish list of the ELLE Deco team to give as a gift.

"Timeless Design and Modern Look"

"Vom einfachen Leuchtmittel zum nachhaltigen Luxus!"

What to buy for your house in January

"Los màs deseados.A la luz de las velas"

"A homage to Italy’s artistic legacy”

" Bei den Kerzen von Aina Kari kann man sich hingegen auf das Ende des Dochts freuen. Dann bleibt namlich Muranoglass".

Tendencias DECO 2022

“A fair with a strong curatorial and commercial trait,products and projects that promote quality over quantity, territoriality over globalization, and those that make a transparent supply chain one of their strengths”