Looking for The Perfect Wedding Gift? We Have Just The Thing!

Weddings are such a magical event, whether it be your own wedding or someone in your life. There is nothing more special than celebrating the love and commitment of two people in your life, and it’s important to make sure you have the perfect wedding gift for that couple. Wedding gifts aren’t the most important part of attending a wedding, but people always want to find a special gift for the special people in their lives. Nothing screams a special wedding gift as a unique, high-end candle!

Candles are always a good gift to give someone, no matter what the occasion, but Aina Kari just launched their Coriandoli Collection that features elegant candles that make for perfect wedding gifts. Our candles are all high quality, unique in every sense, and they make for beautiful gifts! If you are searching for the perfect wedding gift for any of the upcoming weddings you are attending this year, make sure to keep reading to see how you can give the gift of beautiful fragrance this year.

Gift Our Coriandoli Collection Candles For Your Upcoming Weddings!

You’re probably wondering what makes our Coriandoli Collection special and the perfect wedding gift, right? Well, there are many reasons. All of our candles are created with sustainability and ethical values in mind. It is our mission to use nothing but sustainable materials, use the highest quality of ingredients, and create unique candles that are sure to wow anyone you gift them to you, treat yourself with, or if you’re a wedding planner, our candles are the perfect gift!

Our Coriandoli Collection of candles features two signature candles. The first signature candle is our Millecandle that features a stunning glass window-like style. Scented with Egyptian jasmine and Petitgrain, this luxury candle makes for the perfect wedding gift. Not only is it beautiful in design, but this candle also acts as a symbol of joy and celebration – isn’t that what weddings are all about?!

The other signature candle in this collection is our 600candle. This luxury candle features a white glass texture to create the look of floating pearls. This elegant candle is the perfect design to give for any of your upcoming weddings, or to even treat yourself to something beautiful! The candle acts as a symbol of weddings with notes of orange and jasmine in the fragrance notes. This candle is sure to light up your life, or the person you are gifting it to with a beautiful perfume fragrance and grace in your home!

Aina Kari is here to help wedding gifting easier. Our high-end candles are created with elegance and sustainability in mind, so not only will you have the perfect wedding gift by buying our signature candles in our Coriandoli Collection, but you will also feel good about your purchase knowing everything used to make it was sustainably sourced!

Are you a wedding planner that is always looking for a simple, yet luxury gift to give the couples you work with? Our candles are just the thing you are looking for. Buying someone a candle is a simple way to add luxury into their homes, while showing that you care about them and you enjoyed working with them! Our Coriandoli Collection of candles is the perfect place to shop for the couples you work with as a wedding planner.

If you’re looking for a special and elegant gift for any of the weddings you have this upcoming year, or maybe you are a wedding planner looking for an easy, yet elegant gift to give, shop our Coriandoli Collection now!



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