Statement Interior Design with Italian marble candle holders

How to Create Statement Interior Designs with Marble Candle Holders

Are you looking for subtle ways to elevate your home’s interior?

We’re living in an increasingly sustainability-minded world, and with that comes new responsibility for intelligent interior design and conscious luxury. Inspired by Venetian wells, the Original Collection by Aina Kari is a subtle reminder of the earth’s natural resources and her beauty.

elegant black italian marble
Why Decorate with Italian Marble?

Italian marble is appreciated for its high luster and quality. Artwork, buildings, and sculptures made centuries ago are still in existence thanks to the purity and durability of Italian marble. From opulent black granite marble to sleek white granite marble, Italian marble is a timeless masterpiece in interior décor. Marble embodies elegance and luxury. Italian marble comes in various textures, styles, and colors to mix & match with any design aesthetic.

Indian Versus Italian Marble

If you’re looking for interior design ideas using marble, you’ve probably come across stones from different areas of the world.

More interior designers prefer Italian marble over Indian stones for its luster, durability, and longevity. Italian marble has a luxurious crystal-like formation and a high lustrous sheen, while Indian marble has a less vibrant medium glow.

How to Decorate Your Home with Italian Marble

The most popular marble home accents for 2022 include dining tables, kitchens, living room accessories, and candles. Marble candles add the perfect subtle touch of natural beauty to your living spaces.

Browse our collection of hand-poured, intoxicatingly-scented Italian marble candles that double as timeless and statement-making decor pieces for every room in your home.

How to Repurpose AK Candles

Every AK item is unique. We use natural materials meaning each batch will be slightly different.

We felt a call to produce consciously crafted Italian marble molds for scented candles. Once the candle burns down, you’re left with a gorgeous marble shell that can be used as a standalone decor piece.

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