Fairytale décor with Murano glass candlestick holders

The Haute-de-Décor Collection by Aina Kari is here.

Paying homage to Italy’s history, skilled craftsmen, and Italian artisans, this sculptural home décor collection includes centerpieces, candlestick holders, and scented candles. Venice’s colorful mosaics, ornate stonework, and intricate sculptures inspired the collection.

Haute-de-Décor Candlesticks


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The intricate, mouth-blown glass candlestick holders are made using a combination of Murano glass for the stem and Palissandro marble for the base. This striking blend features the characteristics of each material. The delicate, fragile Murano glass is effortlessly held by robust Palissandro marble. The collection features several vivid colors, like blue or red, and more hushed hues, like black.

The design features a twisted pattern inspired by the ropes and knots used to secure boats on a dock. Boating is an intricate part of traditional and modern Venetian day-to-day life. This collection is a reminder of the artistic, architectural, and cultural traditions that have developed in the city of Venice throughout its long and storied history.

How to Decorate with the Haute-de-Décor Collection

The collection features several handcrafted decorative candlestick holders created using traditional techniques and materials, specially made for those who appreciate the craftsmanship and imagination that goes into creating them. The unique use of textiles, light, and color inspired by Venetian art seamlessly compliments this mix & match collection.

The Haute-de-Décor Candlestick holders are crafted to elevate a space. Use the candle holders to make a statement in your living room or company showroom. Welcome guests into your space by placing a candlestick in your entryway. 

Don’t forget neutrals

While pops of color add spark to a space, it’s important that your decor also features neutral shades like whites, blacks, browns, and grays.

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