Our Packaging Story at AINA KARI

There’s a lot to share in a small box.

At Aina Kari, we’re not just crafting sustainable scented candles. We put thought, effort, and love into creating luxurious, sustainable packaging. Our Murano glass candles are housed in unique boxes that further represent who we are, what we believe in, and what we wish to accomplish as a sustainable company.

We believe in displaying artwork, sharing knowledge, and being aware and held responsible for our choices. We’re sharing everything that goes into our boxes. From the materials we use to the artists we collaborate with, and the colors we selected, read on to learn what makes our conscious creative packaging unique.

How We Produce Our Packaging

We’re committed to conscious creative packaging. Our packaging is not intended to end up in the recycling bin or a landfill. It’s designed to add color and purpose to your living spaces.

Every box produced by Aina Kari is the result of careful collaboration. We didn’t want to simply use recyclable packaging made of virgin paper. We wanted to go above and beyond. Our packaging is made exclusively using Shiro Echo paper by Favini. Favini is a leading Italian supplier known for its commitment to sustainability within the paper manufacturing industry.

Shiro Echo resets perceptions of 100% recycled paper. This high-quality paper is recyclable, biodegradable and FSC™ certified.

The inside card and letters on our packaging are made from Alga paper by Favini as a special tribute to Venice. Alga Carta is the paper created from algae that was damaging the fragile ecosystem of the Venice Lagoon. The algae was first sourced from the lagoon during the 1990s to create this truly unique paper.  Alga Carta is recyclable, biodegradable, FSC™ certified, and made using EKOenergy.

Our sustainable commitment don't stop to product only - also the AK' logo boxes for e-commerce and wholesale partners use a special paper protection, cushionPaper™ by Grifal, to reduce the volumes of deliveries by track or by air. No polystyrene or bubble films for your deliveries to win the challange of sustainability all-process around.

Venice-Made Materials

Our materials are all sourced and produced around Venice, Italy. Venice holds a special place in our hearts; it’s where Aina Kari began, where our mouth-blown jars are made, and where we invite others to take part in this journey.

Our Commitment to Art & Sustainability

We don’t want to give you something that you’ll enjoy for a few minutes and then throw away. We want to provide you with something that will add color to your living space, be a conversation starter, and something that will spark joy.

We consciously decided to spend more on our packaging. The outer shell of our box is a piece of artwork in itself. By investing in sustainable, high-quality materials, we’re able to give you something beautiful, long-lasting, multi-purpose, and environmentally friendly.

Meet The Artist Behind Our Packaging

We collaborate with talented minds from all over the world to create our sustainable scented candles. Paolo Gallina is a young Italian artist responsible for the illustrations on each side of our packaging. Paolo is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Treviso. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and is known for creating pictures for comics, illustrated books, magazines, and galleries. His work tells stories about art, Italian heritage, and pure beauty.

We’ve really wanted to use every occasion to spread art and knowlwdge. Each picture is dedicated to a diverse collection. While the illustrations may be from various collections, they seamlessly mesh to tell a cohesive story. The designs will make you curious about iconic Italian sites and history while always encouraging storytelling.

Whether we’re showcasing women’s emancipation from the first stages of early 1600 to the catwalk or celebrating the theater of San Carlo opera house in Naples, we’re dedicated to sharing the stories of our unique culture with the rest of the world.

A Few of Our Favorite Colors

Color represents feelings, people, cultures, and symbolism. We use bold colors like Venetian red and shades of green to create powerful visuals that you can enjoy long after your candle is burnt. Venetian red was often featured in Italian Renaissance paintings. The dark hue is ancient and enduring with reminders of natural earth. Green is a color used to express hope, rebirth, and balance.

We love vibrant red shades combined with natural greens to create a compelling contrast.

Upcycling Packaging

We often get asked if there are ways to upcycle luxurious packaging. Not only can our boxes be reused, but our glass candle holders can also double as a flower vase long after the candle is kindled. Upcycling packaging or second-life packaging trumps the often-convoluted process of recycling.

Our packaging is created with pure intention. Enjoy the beauty of the colors and the stories without feeling guilty. We can’t wait to see how you upcycle the Aina Kari outer boxes and Murano glass candle holders. The possibilities are endless!

While we hope you keep our boxes forever, all good things must come to an end. If you decide to throw out the box, rest assured it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 





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