Our guide to summer decor

Do you need some decorating tips?

Summer twilights are upon us. Elevate your summer evening style with Aina Kari art-design candles. Our latest candle collections explore various fresh, summer-inspired fragrances and patterns. We think summer decorating should be creative, light, and relaxing.

We’re sharing our go-to colorful summer candles with refreshing scents to set the summer mood in a very classy Italian style.

Our exquisite Coriandoli Collection features candles donned in colorful hues like our "Mille" Candle. Summer notes like Egyptian Jasmine, Violet, and Orange blossom fill a room with a delicate, soft scent while the exterior of the candle serves as decor. White is the color of summer. Pearly elegant white spots on our 600 Candle decorate the hand-blown Murano Glass while the candle gives off Cyclamen, Petitgrain, White Musk and Egyptian Jasmine notes. 

Aina Kari’s  On The Stage Collection is an ode to iconic Italian Theater. The Royal B candle arrives in a rich periwinkle vase and features summer notes, including Italian citrus, fig milk, and fig leaves. The Fenice candle features the same summer notes but delights in a pink, ultra-feminine Murano Glass vase. A walk between art and design paying homage to Fenice Theater in Venice. 


living home decor with fancy candles


Escape to the radiant Mediterranean mornings of summertime with our On The Stage Collection. Aina Kari candles will illuminate and fill spaces with sweet, delicate summer scents. AK all natural wax candles are great for dining tables, studios, coffee tables, and nightstands. A bouquet of summer flowers adds even more charm and unique touches to your summer decor this season.Perfect to be placed outside on a cool terrace or in the backyard for a romantic getaway right at home. 

Give in to all their charms!

To us, summer is all about having fun, playing with bright colors, and enjoying the small things in life. 

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