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Self-love is an act where you appreciate and love yourself, the name is kind of self-explanatory. By practicing self-love, you are focusing on your physical and mental health, while growing spiritually. Here at Aina Kari Considered Home Fragrance, we know how important it is to love yourself, and we also know how hard it can be to fully love yourself. We’re human, which means there is always something we want to change about ourselves, right?

Our mission with our luxury artisan candle business is to provide you with an escape that leads you right into self-love. You may be wondering how a sustainable coconut and rapeseed blend wax candle can help with this, but we truly believe that self-love starts from your surroundings, and having a handmade  natural candle to help get you in the right mindset, your self-love will be easier than ever. Here’s how we practice self-love, especially during our favorite season…

Versatile design and furnishing luxury candles

Appreciate the same things in your life.

Life is an open stage.We have so much technology at the tips of our fingers, and there are so many people online who let us into their worlds. This causes us to always want more in life so we can be just like those people we see online. This season, we want you to focus on the small things in your life. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have access to food and water every day? Do you have a job or a reliable source of income? Do you have a good support system of friends and family? Focus on these things rather than materialistic things, and trust us, your self-love will be through the roof!

Choose the right circle

Self-love starts with your surroundings, especially those you surround yourself with. If you have a group of friends who are constantly talking down to you or don’t share any common interests or goals with you, how is that helping you grow? Don’t be afraid to cut people off and only surround yourself with people who will lift you up. And surprising them with candle gift could be so much appreciated. 



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