The Importance of Collaboration

Collaboration is not just a buzzword in the business world. Here at Aina Kari, we focus on carefully curating the finest materials while emphasizing the power of community and collaboration to craft candles that tell a story. 

We’re not just here to make candles; we’re here to exemplify the strength and energy of our Italian culture blended with cultural spillovers to create products that are equally luxurious as they are filled with passion and art. We believe the importance of collaboration is paramount to our success.

Aina Kari is the perfect blend of different countries, artists, and innovative thinkers. We come together to create a unique brand. We carefully think about every single aspect and detail. Using natural wax, top-quality fragrances, and sustainable glass and packaging, we’re championing a new era of sustainable luxury.

Our Collaborations

Working with others who have various perspectives, opinions, and areas of expertise will often result in better ideas and outcomes. Aina Kari products are the result of unique team collaboration with creative minds from around the globe.

We’ve worked with American designers, French House perfumers, Italian artisans, and young illustrators just on one collaboration alone. Every item we produce here is the result of hard work and cooperation between various people.

We come together as a team for a common goal. Each person we chose to collaborate with is an intricate part of our brand as a whole. By working with people from across the world, we’ve opened our talent pool to spread even more creativity.

Why We Chose to Collaborate

Collaboration provides a tremendous opportunity to boost knowledge and diffuse creativity. As an Italian brand, we appreciate that our partnerships act as an open-source of invention and a way to spread Italian culture and knowledge. At the same time, we have the opportunity to learn about various cultures from around the world. Collaboration allows the transfer of knowledge, allowing each team member to expand on their skills and learn from each other.

Part of our commitment to being an original brand is working with young, creative minds from around the globe. We believe the power of creativity is what makes something extraordinary. Our collaborative efforts are geared toward learning, artistry, innovation, and problem-solving.

To create something new, you must add an element of originality. That’s what we’re doing here at Aina Kari. We’re creating items with stories and meanings behind them. Every candle is unique. We have a story to tell, and you have a story to share.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

A huge part of the reason we decided to work with people near and far was to ensure we’re offering our buyers a well-made product that won’t harm the planet. We’re all about creating with a purpose. Our glass candle holders are reusable, so once the candle burns out, you can still keep it as a gorgeous piece of home decor.

Our waxes and scents are all sustainable and ethically sourced. We’ve looked across the world to find the best matches for our company. Each artist, creator, and designer we collaborate with aligns with our views on quality, sustainability, and ethical working environments.

Sustainability is making its way to the forefront of our minds. Culture and community are next. We can’t wait to see what the future holds here at Aina Kari.

Join us as we embark on more unique collaborations to bring you home decor fragrances that tell a story.

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