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Palissandro marble embracing Murano Glass in a twisted double candlestick holder for one of a kind of Italian design piece.

The HUG of Italian artisans


"Miracle" -Venetian dialect

Venice embracing the mountains

Mouthblown Murano glass and Palissandro Marble decorative centerpiece.

Venetian Knot

Aina Kari pays tribute to the Venetian Lagoon city The Knots and ropes are part of Venetian everyday life, this original and contemorary candlestick holders highlights the expertise to twist the blown glass at 360 degree.


Murano glass incense burner

Sleek and contemporary incense burner, a Murano glass beauty entirely mouthblown by Maestro Simone Cenedese that units the poetry and historical expertise of Venetian Maestros.

The design piece is named VELA

( "Sail "), in honor of the recent Venice Historical Regatta, one of the races that Venetians are most passionate about.


Decorative centerpiece applying traditional Venetian glassblowing technique of macchia to create this multidimensional Arcobaleno tree.

Aina Kari dedicates a design piece this year- 2022 celebrates the International Year of the Glass.
From the Romans through the highly skilled artisans in Murano island, glass has always been by our side as part of civilization, science, art, design and culture.

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